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The Illinois Institute of Independent Colleges and Universities was established in 1982 as a 501 (c) (3) organization with a broad mandate to strengthen private higher education in Illinois through research, fundraising and other collaborative activities. In this endeavor, the Institute works closely with the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, the oldest college association in the nation, which represents the interests of private higher education in the policy sphere.

Independent colleges and universities are a major force in the United States.  They gave birth to education in this country, and nurtured it through centuries of growth.  In Illinois -- by dozens of measures -- independent colleges are equal partners, or better, in educating the citizens of the state.

With close to 130 private colleges educating 225,000 students, the educational output is enviable: 42 percent of all baccalaureate degrees, 64 percent of the master's degrees, 67 percent of first professional degrees, and 50 percent of the doctoral degrees.

The private colleges serve as an economic engine for the state of Illinois, generating annually $14 billion in job-creating economic activity at the state and local levels.

Looking to the future, seismic changes wrought in recent years by technology, as well a growing trend toward globalism in educational delivery, pose new challenges and opportunities for the Institute.


Donald E. Fouts, Ph.D., president

Officers and Directors for 2018

Mablene Krueger, Chair
Robert Morris University
Theresa Scanlon, Vice Chair
Resurrection University
Ray Crossman, Sec/Tres
Adler University


Three-year terms
(third year)

Nivine Megahed, president, National Louis University
Charles Middleton, president emeritus, Roosevelt University
Susan Murphy, Susan Murphy Consulting
Barbara Farley, president, Illinois College 
Bruce Layton, special assistant to the president, Northwestern University

Three-year terms (second year)

Phil Hale, director of gov't and community relations, Loyola University
Patti Tuomey, president Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart
James Croft, executive vice president emeritus, Field Museum
Bro James Gaffney, president emeritus, Lewis University
Don Moon, president emeritus, Lewis University
Arol Augsburger, president emeritus, Illinois College of Optometry

Three-year terms (first year)

John P. Minogue, president emeritus, DePaul University
David Baker, vice president for external affairs, IIT
Donna Carroll, president, Dominican University
David Tretter, president, Federation
Richard Lehr, RGL Consultants
Alex Sore, Managing Director, Chicago Summer Opera
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